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The Retail Roll Cage 2.0 has been developed by Hoza with the goal of offering a logistic solution that is more effective and efficient than any other product that is currently used in the Retail market. 

Characteristics of the product

Customer: In-house development by Hoza
Product: Retail Roll Cage 2.0 (RRC 2.0)
Delivery: On request
Quantity: On request
Weight saving: Foldable plastic bottom
Ergonomics: Optimal user-friendliness, unique nesting and light weight
Sustainability: Space and weight savings, less fuel usage, reduced CO2 emissions


This year we have introduced the newly developed RRC 2.0, which is specifically suited for the Retail sector. With this product we focus on Retail businesses that are active in the areas of food, non-food,  and in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Revolutionary: a foldable plastic bottom

The Retail Roll Cage 2.0 has got a foldable plastic bottom and this revolutionary and completely new nesting-method is introduced on the market by Hoza. The bottom has been fitted with a hinge functionality in the middle, parallel to the side fences. This feature allows the user to simply fold the roll cage from which point one can choose to nest the containers individually or to stack them on top of each other in their nested form. An important characteristic is that the RRC 2.0 can still be moved around in its nested position, something that can be very useful in a Retail environment.

Construction advantages

Despite the fact that it is composed of plastic, the hinged bottom is still incredibly strong,lightweight and 100% recyclable. If it does get damaged, the bottom as a whole or parts of it can be easily replaced. Furthermore, the RRC 2.0 is equipped with two durable and sturdy steal fences. Also the overall quality of this roll cage guarantees a long lifespan. 

Dismantling eliminated

The roll cage can save valuable floor space during transport, buffering (whether or not on an internal conveyor belt) and storage. Further to this, the need for the time-consuming process of dismantling roll cages during return transport and off-peak season storage is eliminated.

The efficient nesting method together with the reduced weight could lead to fewer transport movements and therefore result in less fuel consumption. A welcome consequence is that this can also lead to lower CO2 emissions. Realising such savings is obviously something that is of interest to any professional in Retail logistics. It is clear that in many respects the RRC 2.0 has special consideration for the environment. At the same time it allows for significant cost savings to be achieved in a number of areas.


The Retail Roll Cage is 100% compatible with the current standards that are applied in the European Retail market. This compatibility means that the RRC 2.0 can be processed on internal rubber and steel conveyor belt systems. This can be done empty or loaded, individually and up to a ‘5-in1’ nested form. The basic dimensions of this product are similar to those of a regular roll cage, however there is no doubt that this new Retail Roll Cage 2.0 possesses many advantages over existing products.

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